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EGW Capital (EGW) Coin: Wiki, Analysis and Price Prediction

In this article, we will be discussing EGW Capital (EGW) coin. This article is not investment advice and you must consult your investment advisor before making any investment. The views shared below are solely for informational purposes only.

What is EGW Capital?

EGW Capital is a US-based blockchain investment bank that also performs some of the traditional banking activities like reverse mergers, IPO’s, and private placements. What exactly is blockchain investment banking? Under this process, EGW Capital prepares a prospective client for its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and private placement. An IEO is similar to an IPO.  This also includes listing on the crypto exchanges and making a market for the coin (liquidity services). A client can opt for complete packaged service or independent services like listing, private placement.

EGW Capital provides both client funded and sponsored IEO programs. Under the client funded program, the client himself bears the cost for the whole program and pays 5% equity to EGW Capital along with the success fee, if any. Whereas in the case of a sponsored program EGW Capital takes assistance from its identified high networth investors who back the listing program in lieu of the equity program. In this case, a client may end up paying 15-20% equity and even more depending on the needs of the offering. This is a high margin business for EGW Capital and helps it to strengthen its balance sheet in terms of equity holding.

Hence, EGW Capital provides all IEO related services under one roof. EGW Capital has a focus on the emerging markets of Asia like India, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on.

EGW Capital serves over 2000 ultra-high net worth investors in over 14 countries especially the USA, UK, and Japan.

EGW Capital has a large market-making desk that provides automated liquidity to several exchanges like Uniswap.

EGW Capital is also in the process of expanding into crypto mining services. The business will be managed in a joint venture with Wishmax Investech. The company is currently in talks with leading mining companies to buy a large chunk of crypto mining capacity.

Profit Margin Analysis

EGW Capital businesses have high-profit margins. The listing business operates on over 100% margin, market-making (liquidity services) operates on over 60% margin whereas the private placement business has a margin of over 4%. The crypto mining services are expected to operate on a margin of over 70%.

Planned IEO:

EGW Capital is proposing the US $100 million IEO to expand its business. The IEO will be done 2-3 phases. With each phase, the price of the EGW coin will be enhanced by 15%.

How can EGW coin holders benefit?

EGW coin holders can benefit from rewards, dividend, and price appreciation. In the majority of the cases, EGW Capital distributes its earned equity or coins with its coin holders. The coin holders may also earn dividends on the successful closure of a transaction.


Rahul Kumar is the CEO of EGW Capital. The Indian operations are majorly headed under the supervision of Prince Chugh.

Current Listing:

Currently, EGW Capital trades on the BitLux OTC exchange and has a market cap of over US $1 billion.

Price Target:

EGW Capital is currently trading at the US $9, the company has already approved the forward split of 4:1. This means the price of the EGW coin can be assumed at the US $2.25. We have a target of US $6.50 for an EGW coin. The market capitalization is expected to cross the US $3 billion.

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