EGW Liquidity Pool (EGWLP) Token: ICO Review

EGW Liquidity Pool

About EGW Capital: The company is into traditional and blockchain investment banking. The company helps businesses to list their stocks on the US stock exchanges. EGW Capital is specialized in reverse mergers, Regulation A+ offerings, and other direct listings, including Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC). Under blockchain investment banking, the company specializes in tokens’ private placement, raising ICO financing, exchange listings, and market-making. The company has also made independent investments in Zilliqa and DigiByte blockchain to the tune of US $15 million. The company also manages the wealth of ultra-high net worth investors and charges a management fee.

Key People: Rahul Kumar (Founder & CEO), PM Chugh (Director-Operations), and Greg Chandler.

How EGW Capital Makes Money: The company charges 10-15% equity or tokens in the companies they take public. The company has the vision to distribute at least 50% of its earnings with the EGW token holders. This will result in both regular dividend income. In its CEO Rahul Kumar “We wish to become the Morgan Stanley of the blockchain. The future is the crypto and blockchain, and we are excited to see this industry growing from scratch” EGW Capital is active in the blockchain space since 2017.

EGW Token Use Case: The EGW tokens will be used for payments by the clients, plus they will also be used to reward their clients and associates.

Token Symbol: EGW

Blockchain Being Used: TomoChain (Migrated from Ethereum blockchain)

What are Liquidity Pools: The Liquidity pools act as an automated market maker. The liquidity pools’ participants provide tokens and an equal amount of paired tokens (like USDT) in similar proportions. The liquidity pools keep the market liquid by delivering orders on both the buy and sell-side of the transaction.

Liquidity Pool Tokens: EGW Capital proposes building a liquidity pool on LuaSwap (similar to Uniswap) to facilitate retail trading and conduct price discovery ahead of its US $100 million Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which may be concluded in 2-4 rounds. The investors’ liquidity tokens will be used to provide liquidity and get rewarded for their contribution to the liquidity pool. The pool investors will earn a guaranteed amount of EGW tokens and a liquidity pool fee (a pool charges a 0.3% fee to the users who buy and sell orders through the liquidity pool).

EGWLP Tokens Use Case: Each LP token holder will receive a guaranteed amount of EGW tokens and the pool fee irrespective of the pool’s volume. The pool tokens will be locked for a minimum period of 12 months. The EGW tokens received weekly can be sold back on the market or accumulated to sell in the IEO. The liquidity pool is being developed to facilitate fair market price discovery without any external manipulations. The EGWLP tokens price will be stable and are priced at US $2 each.

ICO Size: US $2.5 million+

Investment Currency: Stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

Tokens for Sale: 1.25 million EGWLP tokens will be up for sale.

Estimated Market Cap of EGW Capital Post IEO: US $1 billion+

Fair Opinion: The EGWLP tokens are for investors looking to diversify their modest portfolio by adding fixed-income products with the potential unlimited upside (through the accumulated EGW tokens).

Minimum Investment: US $50+ 

Investment The US $50 but less than the US $100 The US $100 but less than the US $500 The US $500+
Bonus 0% 20% 35%
Weekly Credit of EGW Tokens 15 15 25

The current price of an EGW token on the OTC market is US $0.05020

Investment Scenario (Example):

Minimum Investment  The US $100
Number of EGW Tokens To Be Credited Every Week 15 (the US $0.75)
Monthly Return 15*4 = 60 EGW Tokens = US $3.00
Yearly Return 3.00*12= US $36.00 or 36%

The investor investing the US $500 or higher may earn a 59.76% annual return.

The returns may be higher or lower depending on the price of the EGW token.

Estimated IEO Price (depending on the price discovered in the pool) = the US $0.10*

*Analyzed through possible positive price impact due to increase in the more number of buy orders.

Disclaimer: Investing in crypto is volatile. Please consult your investment advisor and assess your risk before investing. Do not invest by borrowing money. Invest with the free risk capital.

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