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Manglish Typing

Manglish is a fusion language of Malayalam and English. Manglish Typing refers to typing of Malayalam language on a device but with the help of an English keyboard. You can say it is used in informal works as it is influenced by the Chinese and Tamil languages. We know that Malayalam is the very common language in southern places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and over 35 million people used to spoke this.

Although most of the software focus on English and Hindi Typing, but still you will get some best application for Mangalish Typing. Several software automatically converts input language to Malayalam and is known as Manglish to Malayalam Typing Software. While using this software you only need to type on the English keyboard, the rest…it is managed by the application.

Among tons of software…the most popular one is Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing. It is used by thousands and trusted by every user. From users’ review…it is a simple but straightforward software that translates English alphabets into Malayalam characters. The modest interface of this application makes it much easier to operate.


Manglish to Malayalam can be done either on Keyman keyboard or on English keyboard. I will recommend using English QWERTY Keyboard so it will give additional benefits to your typing. Using an English keyboard not only improves efficiency but also saves your typing time by increasing WPM (Word Per Minute) speed. Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing software is used for perfection and sensible work.

Start typing from the left side using a QWERTY keyboard and all Malayalam characters will be seen on the right side. This makes Mangalish Typing a user-friendly process. Those who are connected to Malayalam typing…they must try Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing software for once, its useful and convenient features lead to a professional user experience. Nowadays, Manglish to Malayalam typing is very in various sectors. Being used by millions of people, its demand is very high in the market.

Once you get mastered in Mangalish Typing… many opportunities will come to your way habitually. Those who are engaged in southern studies they must have this application, as it will build their typing skill. Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing is also used by professional programmers, if you are one of the Malayalam language digital programmers then you should try this at once.

Some major features of Manglish to Malayalam typing software are like you can not only use this online but offline support is also available in it. When you use the QWERTY keyboard, the chances of error get removed as it performs with accuracy.

Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing can be switched between English and Manglish keyboard. Those who require Malayalam characters…they can use the English equivalent.


Manglish typing is used in various sectors, it is highly supportable and useful for all levels of user. You can use it on both online and offline forms and it provides fluent performance with efficiency!

Overall Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing is best for Mangalish to Malayalam typing. No other application stands best like it and also it is free of cost to use.

So, download Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing software now!!!  










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