Non-stopping music production by the Yemeni producer and musician Fuad Al-Qrize

Yemenis people love music, isn’t only a joy to pay attention to, it is a lifestyle. For a Yemeni man it’s uncommon to not adore music, and rather plays or makes music. This the case of Fuad too, the youthful Yemeni artist, musician and producer, it was not unexpected to discover a few collections of him available. Fuad Al-Qrize has delivered in excess of 8 music collections and singles in the stores, for instance, however not restricted to:

* – Ibb Gate of Glory (Operetta of the Ninth Tourist Festival, Ibb Governorate, the original version)

* – Sada AlMadhi album

* – Shine forever

* – No hope

* – Morning with you

* – Fuad Mixture

* – Sometimes

* – Blue mask

Fuad was born on Jan 1, 1990. His father is Late Ameen Al-Qrize, and his mother is Afrah Alhobaishi. Fuad Al-Qrize started his career at the age of 17 in Yemen, as a music promoter. He has worked with a variety of top Yemeni musicians such as Aboud Khawaja, Ayoob Tarish, Hussein Moheb, Omar Yassen, Faisal Alawi and many more.

From the earliest starting point, Fuad had interests in music and compose and creation. Fuad began his music existence with the motivation of his mom and ventured into the universe of composing with the motivation of his dad. His dad was a famous finance manager. In his adolescence, he used to zero in more on gaining from the web as opposed to class. In the 6th grade, he figured out how to play the console. As an understudy in the 6th grade, he began making musical covers tunes and creating songs. He accepted that verses have a significant impact on a piece of music. He began his music profession with the album “Sada Al-Madhi” a soundtrack of the TV series, Sada Al-Madhi.

It is worth mentioning that Mr Al-Qrize has been awarded “Cultural Shield” and “Loyalty Shield” by the Governor of Ibb city and Culture Office, and Shield of Keeping on Literary and Artistic Heritage, Ibb city, Yemen.

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