Rabbi Shmuel Lynn and his successful education program

If we’re going to talk about intelligent pro-active people, we can’t leave Rabbi Shmuel Lynn behind, the founder and executive director of Meor Manhattan, a new and exciting movement which work is to inspire, empower and educate every single young Jew in EEUU as possible.

In this article we want to talk to you about Rabbi Shmuel Lynn’s awesome work in this important initiative that is giving so much to many young Jews out there, especially those who need to empower themselves.

What’s Meor Manhattan?

We can’t start talking about Rabbi Shmuel Lynn without explaining to you what’s awesome work he does on the Jewish Enrichment Center in Greenwich Village. His focus (in help with other women and men) is to serve as an inspiration and a healthy source of empowerment to young Jews.

Meor Manhattan’s the building where all this work is being done. Cultivating a vibrant and close community of Jewish young professionals that aim to change the Jewish life in the center of New York City, is the main thing Rabbi Shmuel Lynn and the team want to achieve.

What about Rabbi Shmuel Lynn?

Now that you know what Meor Manhattan is and it was so important for you to understand this, we can continue to talk to you about Rabbi Shmuel Lynn’s paper inside this as well.

First thing you need to know is that Meor Manhattan was born as Rabbi Shmuel Lynn’s vision of what it could be. He wanted to galvanize thousands of students living in NYC on his campuses, because if not, and integrate them into the historic opportunity of making an important impact in American Jewry.

For many years Rabbi Shmuel Lynn made trips from Philly to maintain his former alumni from the University of Pennsylvania attached to the reason that made them turn onto Judaism in college.

He continued doing his inspiring work at campuses until him and the whole team could turn their idea into the strong community that it is today.

With his guidance, the team, and his admirable creativity, they’ve built a whole ecosystem of communal learning opportunities with important social meeting point for young Jews all over New York to improve and turn into the young leaders needed to lead the way forward.

Rabbi Shmuel Lynn has come a long way and he’s still on his path of teaching regularly. He even created his own flagship program, now available at more than 50 campuses all over North America. But that’s not it; he got the chance to spread his work in Israel and Poland, making a positive impact of many young Jews.

That isn’t a surprise because Rabbi Shmuel Lynn lived in Israel for nine years, place where he studied the Torah, the Jewish Philosophy, and the Talmudic law in Jerusalem.

Right now he’s living a peaceful life alongside his wife and his eight children. He continues to preach his taught to every young Jew he can, maintaining his goal and his religious mission.

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