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Vanessa Harris Blog Talks about Her Weightloss Journey and Helping others

Vanessa Harris weightloss coach and weightloss blogger has had tremendous success with her weight loss journey. She now helps her clients and social media followers get similar results as well and encourage them to be a better them as a whole. We caught on to Vanessa Harris when she started to go viral posting her before and afters, from there we knew we had to have a sit down with her.

She expressed how she was stressed, down and out and didn’t know how to move forward until she found the weightloss company that’ll eventually be the answer to her new change. Friends and family didn’t show her much respect, and neither did the men she want. So she knew she had to do one thing and that was continue on her journey to a better her.

Most women do not feel worth it when it comes to certain things dealing with men, Vanessa said. But once she gained the confidence after losing all the weight she knew her insecurities was a thing of the past!, she just wants to help others reach their weightloss goals Vanessa told us. Even if that’s randomly following others to encourage them to do so from looking at others results.

Sometimes people need a push, and if she can be that push to make them jump and push toward that leap of faith then so be. Overall we’re happy with Vanessa and her success. Not too many people are out here pushing others to be as Great as themselves, she’s really a true inspiration for other women who needs a role model to for their own dreams/goals. If your ready for a change yourself.

Follow Vanessa Harris Blog on all social networks and let her guide you, if she can do it, you can too, It’s worth it.

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