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After suffering a massive stroke, renowned crime fiction author overcomes his paralysis and writes the eight book in the acclaimed Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH Crime series

November 4, 2021, Danvers, MA – There’s a sickness raging through Hampton Beach, an epidemic more contagious and deadly than any pandemic virus. Gold fever.”

Dan Marlowe is back in themes recent novel in the New Hampshire Crime Fiction Series. Book number eight, “The Treasure of Hampton Beach” , by Jed Power is now available in paperback and eBook at, Amazon, B&N, and all other outlets.

Book number8 in Jed Power’s famous Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beaxh,New Hampshire Crime Fiction Series is a personal success for the author. Power had a stroke in November 2019 while working on The Treasure of Hampton Beach, which left him completely paralyzed on one side from head to toe. Despite spending eight weeks in the hospital following the stroke, he came home eager to work, albeit with one hand.

In the series, Power’s crime-solving character, Dan Marlowe, a bartender at Hampton Beach’s High Tide Restaurant and Saloon, finds himself solving crimes and avoiding bogus murder allegations. He battles a cocaine addiction while outwitting corrupt cops and unsavory townspeople, with real-life Hampton Beach landmarks serving as the backdrop.

The eighth installment in the series, The Treasure of Hampton Beach, starts with a prologue about a Prohibition-era smuggling operation in Hampton Beach that goes wrong when law enforcement raids a bootleggers’ residence. The smugglers attempt to save their stash of gold American double eagle coins by burying them on the beach, but all but one is killed in the ensuing shootout, and the treasure is lost. The one survivor, decades Laterand suffering dementia,  he hints to his grand daughter about the hidden TreaureS he enlists Dan Marlowe for help. When Marlowe and his buddies decide to join the modern-day treasure hunt, the plot thickens when a rival treasure hunter is discovered beaten to death.In this riveting page-turner, Marlowe is once again under suspicion of the crime and must struggle to prove his innocence.

Power admits that writing after a stroke has major obstacles. “It was a grind,” Power told He continued, “It brought me confidence, just getting it done. In my eyes anyhow, it was an accomplishment.”

Not only did Power succeed and complete the eight volume in the series, but he has also begun work on a screenplay converting the eight-book series to film.

The Treasure of Hampton Beach: Dan Marlowe by Jed Power is available in paperback and eBook via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About Jed Power: Jed Power is an acclaimed author, well known for his New Hampshire fiction crime series starring crime-solving lead character Dan Marlowe. Power suffered a devastating stroke in 2019 but returned to work after weeks in the hospital to finish the series’ eighth and final part, The Treasure of Hampton Beach. He is presently writing a screenplay based on the series.

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