Dr. John Alexander Webb: Always hydrate for the sake of your health

The workplace must be a safe space for employees, Let’s see this main topic, with me, Dr. John Alexander Webb.

Two of the key elements in the workplace are undoubtedly the health and safety of personnel, which are often underestimated or not given enough attention, being issues that are often at the bottom of the scale of priorities. 

However, attending to an employee’s health emergency within the workplace, or while he is doing the job, should be a priority issue for the employer who is developing or setting up the company in question. 

Often, separate areas of health and safety, in which all the important elements related to the health and safety of employees within the workplace are supervised, are common in companies, businesses and, in general, prestigious organizations at an international level. It is common for organizations of this level to make this type of effort to attend with the relevance that it deserves, the integral care of its personnel. 

Otherwise, if this issue is not addressed with main importance, accidents may occur within the entity that can generate obstacles such as undue depression or severe physical damage to company employees.

Another relevant aspect is the communication of guidelines that generate a true awareness of the health and safety guidelines to be followed among workers, in order to avoid mishaps such as accidents or injuries within the company. 

One of the first steps in the list of guidelines may be an understanding of the hazards linked to physical integrity concerns in the work environment.

Dehydration, another fundamental aspect

As is known, three quarters of our body is made of water, so it should stand to reason that our body needs a fairly high level of it. However, many of the stress problems within the work environment, added to the typical lack of hydration that most people tend to have, make dehydration a fairly common disease in our society. 

Likewise, it is very important that we are hydrated because otherwise, tiredness and laziness usually manifest as symptoms that indicate that our body is not working properly due to lack of hydration. 

Even dehydration is also the main cause of diseases caused by excessive heat. In fact, kidney failure, heat stroke and problems with the digestive system also have dehydration as a common cause.

On the other hand, tiredness and laziness are also symptoms of stress in the person, which is the cause of any disease in general. In this sense, one of the most precise comments on this point has been that of “Safe Work Australia”, who have found that employers have an obligation to give their employees frequent breaks to reduce the level of stress within the work environment. 

In addition, they must make commitments to their staff so as not to put too much pressure on them for the objectives of the work.

Dehydration Injuries: How Can You Avoid Them?

As we have seen, one of the most important aspects within a company must be good stress management, which must be the responsibility of the employer. 

Therefore, the health and safety area, each one has the duty to raise awareness among employees about how important it is to hydrate properly, drinking as much water as possible, remembering, for example, that we should drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated forever. Likewise, it is necessary to remember that dehydration worsens and grows in our body even more if we drink coffee or liquor. 

Likewise, in the framework of being able to combat stress within the organization, the company’s management area must carry out a prevention plan aimed at its personnel on how to reduce it, and this can be achieved with organizational guidance on health and safety through counseling talks aimed at workers.

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