Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley a life dedicated to medicine

We know how important medicine has become for life and for the whole world. We would only have to take a look at our current lives and we’ll notice how covid-19 and the pandemia have gotten everybody’s lives in a different way.

That’s why we want to remark Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s profession as one of the most important during these hard days, because we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the vaccines if it wasn’t for medicine, all the doctors and nurses.

But we not only want to talk about medicine. We want to talk about Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s excellent profile, because just like him, there are many more other doctors outthere fighting up this terrible virus every day.

Who is Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley?

Just like you might guess by the title of this article and the brief introduction we’ve showed you, Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s recognized doctor who has given his life and passion directly to medicine and body’s wellness.

Maybe his love for nature and for healthcare was two of the few reasons that helped him decide to advocate towards medicine and caring for others health. That’s a very explicit example which speaks loud about who he is.

What about Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s background?

Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s a recognized character in Australia and South Africa, the land where he was happily born on March 28 1970. Since he was young he already knew he wanted to dedicate his life to medicine and healthcare.

He showed his passion for nature and exercise, two important ingredients for having an excellent life health and maintaining the organism in the best state possible.

Tennis, hiking and community service are his most favorite hobbies, and back again we can see how exercise was, and still is, one of the practices he enjoys the most, showing off his love for health.

What about Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s education?

The passion towards medicine and healthcare took him to study medicine and surgery in Kasturba Medical College (KMC), in Mangalore, India, where he showed more than his love for such career.

His great abilities for the profession were noticeable as soon as he started the career. He was good at it, which didn’t stop him to achieving his bachelor of medicine and surgery in 1996. It just took him 6 years to start and finish his career.

His employment history

Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley’s employment history starts as soon as he gets his bachelor degree. Like this, he starts as an intern in 1997 back in South Africa, at the place he was born exactly. Then he would move on and work under the following titles:

  • •       Medical officer: here he worked on the accident and emergency department.
  • General private practice: then he moved on to a more private attention.
  • Medical registrar: in the medicine department.

As you can see, Dr. Nemalan Seshagiri Moodley has walked a long road in the medicine field.

He hasn’t stop with his passion and all of his hard work shows.

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