Hairul Azreen Signs on to go Berserk in Director Ranjeet S. Marwa’s New Film ‘BERZERKER’; Principal Photography Begins This Summer in the UK

Pre-production is officially underway in the UK on action thriller, Berzerker from director Ranjeet  S. Marwa. Cameras are expected to roll in July with Malaysian actor and action star Hairul Azreen  leading the cast. 

Azreen is considered an A-lister among the current crop of film talents in Malaysia, and has quickly  become a commodity in Malaysia’s film industry, having starred in Adrian Teh’s 2018 military  action drama-at-sea thriller, Paskal, as well as in Teh’s 2019 action drama, Wira, which also has  Indonesian action stalwart Yayan Ruhian (The Raid, The Raid 2, Beyond Skyline). Both films are  currently streaming on Netflix. 

Azreen said: “I look forward to joining the BERZERKER team in the UK. The story is great, the  locations are great and director Ranjeet and I have been wanting to work together for a while. The  opportunity arose with this project and thanks to Ranjeet and the producers that we can now  officially begin production soon” 

Marwa will direct from a script he wrote with Daniel White. Azreen will play Noble, an ex-con who  now walks as a free man, seeking revenge on those responsible for his incarceration. Marwa  describes the overall tone and vision of the film as a unique blend of sci-fi classic, Blade Runner,  and Prachya Pinkaew’s 2003 Thai barnburner martial arts flick, Ong-Bak.   

Marwa said: “I’ve been a fan of Hairul for quite some time. The opportunity never came for us to  work together because of our busy schedules. However, I pushed and made sure that the next  project was with Hairul and that we’d make something special together” 

Azreen can also be seen in the role of Zul in the 2018 Malaysian action sequel, Polis Evo 2, directed  by Joel Soh and Andre Chiew as a sequel to Ghaz Abu Bakar’s inaugural 2015 action crime thriller,  Polis Evo. Both movies drew critical praise and commercial success at the local box office, with the  second film earning 20 million Malaysian Ringgit for its theatrical run. 

More recently, Azreen wrapped shooting last fall on director Syafiq Yusof’s third installment of the  hit Abang Long Fadil action comedy franchise starring Zizan Rizak. 

Marwa, a native of Birmingham in the UK, has cut his teeth for more than ten years behind the lens.  In 2014, he commenced with The Last Goodbye trilogy – a world-renowned trio of action films that  initially launched with the titular film, and continued secondly with Destiny in 2015, before  reaching its climactic finish in 2017 with Remember Me: The Tale of an Old Ghost. 

The trilogy eventually led to Marwa’s first theatrical project in 2018 with Citizen Erased, which tells  the harrowing story of a teenage girl indoctrinated into the world of terrorism. That same year  would see more solemn offerings from Marwa, including a documentary exposing India’s black  market organ trade called The Boy Who Never Came Home, and powerful WWII drama Memoirs  of a Sikh Soldier. In 2019, he released monochrome horror film, The Missing, on Amazon Prime. 

Marwa has since accumulated a phenomenal slate of projects already under his belt for  development. He is presently moving full steam ahead with post-production on Exiled: The Chosen 

Ones, which features Singaporean action star Sunny Pang, alongside Indonesian thesps Hannah Al  Rashid, and Oka Antara. Marwa and Azreen have been angling to collaborate on a project for quite  some time, and Berzerker presented a golden opportunity. 

Djonny Chen (Daemon Mind, Exiled: The Chosen Ones) will produce Berzerker through his Silent  D Pictures banner, with Marwa also rejoining Chen to produce via his Rocket Sky High Motion  Pictures label. Charmaine Binji and Gurnam Singh Marwa are also on board to produce.

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