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Luis Campozano: Sound and audio engineering: What’s the difference?

Every time we look up online we notice sound engineering and audio engineering are terms and professions people tend to use without repairing on the differences between them two. It wouldn’t be something Luis Campozano would really like to read.

But don’t worry because in this article we will be telling you what they are exactly and the difference between sound and audio engineering. We hope this can be useful for you as a guide for you music journey.

What’s audio engineering?

When we talk about audio engineering we’re also referring to recording engineering, which is where specialists help to record, balance and adjust all sound sources trough what’s known as equalization, mixing, audio effects, and everything that has to do with mastering the sound.

So if we want to be more specifics, we would say audio engineers are the technical-workers of a recording and also the creative and responsible of the physical recording of sound projects, just like music, movies, video games, television, and radio sound.

What’s sound engineering?

Now when we want to talk about to sound engineering we have to keep in mind we’re meaning to refer to the people specialized on live concerts and also event sounds. They are responsible for the monitoring of microphones, outputs, sound levels of a live music presentation.

Sound engineers have to maintain on point the music effects of concerts and live presentations. They work on the mixing, reproduction, and manipulation of equalization and electronic effects of the sound. They also do sound checks, live sound mixing, and set ups.

What’s the difference between sound and audio engineering?

If you’ve come to this point of the article you must be prepared to answer for yourself what are the main differences between sound and audio engineering. You could say that, yes, they both work with sound and music, but in different ways.

Audio engineers don’t have to worry about live and check sound because their focus is on the music recording and getting the best out of it. Which tell us they don’t work live, they work taking their time to have the best sound.

On the other hand we have sound engineers, who do have to worry about live sound and preparing the whole sound effects so it doesn’t fail or sounds bad when in the middle of a presentation, show, forum, concert, or a sport game, for example.

Summary and conclusions

Both professions need lots of preparation and hard work to get to be a good sound or audio engineer because of what’s pending. Records are sounds or music people will be listening over and over again for we don’t know how many years.

But also, concerts and live shows are a “at the moment” experience where you want to give your best so people can have a good time with no errors in it. Keep in mind these aspects and work hard so you can be the best in sound or audio.

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