National News says ‘No’ to Extinction

With an impending climate emergency looming large, has leased the preservation rights to thousands of mature evergreen trees over the course of the next two to three decades, in an innovative climate stabilization scheme designed to take advantage of the fact that mature evergreen trees capture FOUR TIMES more atmospheric carbon dioxide, than newly planted trees.

By their year-round ability to fix carbon, the world’s stock of mature evergreen trees, constitutes a major tool in reaching climate stabilization goals, with sea-levels now verifiably rising in an accelerating trend.

In the first of many projected SAM-Tree lease acquisitions across Europe, America, Asia and beyond, an innocuous forest of mature evergreen trees, planted in an Irish bog twenty five years ago, is set to become the global starting point for a project designed to provide opportunities for individuals, schools and corporations around the world, to help deliver climate stabilization by sponsoring the preservation of one or more mature evergreen trees over the course of a year, a decade or two decades.

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