Get Paid €1000 To Be A “Professional Electric Scooter Commuter” In Ireland

That old morning commute can be a proper pain for many of us and can set us back a fair bit financially too!

Imagine if you were able to receive 1000 a month as a ‘Professional Commuter’, commuting to the job you are in now.

An Irish company based in Dublin is offering exactly this – 1000 for you simply to travel to work and back each day. Green Electric Scooters are going to give 5 applicants the chance to get paid for their daily commute, all the applicants need to do in return is make a log of their experience as they travel in and out of Dublin for work. You can find the job application here.

More Details On The Job

Each of the 5 applicants will be paid 50 each day to cover 20 return commutes within the month. The aim of the company in what they are providing is to obtain valuable insight into how the travel time using an electric scooter compares to that of other means such as public transport or a private car. Other logs that will be made are the effect on productivity at work, motivation levels, and attitude when a different means of transport is used.

According to the job description, during the course of 4 weeks, the commuters will need to participate in a number of experiments which will be designed to test theories such as the comparison in pace between e scooters Vs Dublin public transport or Vs private car transport, there will also be comparisons around stress levels, fatigue, productivity and a sense of enjoyment.

Each individual will have to participate in a video call prior to and following each experiment to make sure that they know what to do and then to complete a verbal questionnaire giving details of the experience. At the end of the 4 week testing period, each of the ‘Commute Reviewers’ will be paid e1000 for their participation.

In countries that have legislation that allows for electric scooters to be on the road, they have become very popular. The laws for Ireland are currently under review by the Irish government with a general expectation that we will see them being legal in some way as we reach the end of 2021.

Speaking on behalf of Green Electric Scooters, Cormac Reynolds said that there is an increase in people looking for a commute that is easier and quicker. Electric scooters show themselves to be greener, they can also be quicker and cheaper. The city of Dubin is wonderful but it has several drawbacks in terms of transport.

Cormac Reynolds went on to say that being able to have insight into the experience of traveling via electric scooter in different circumstances will be invaluable and will give them room to certify several theories that have related to this mean of travel as well as to create a great product. He encourages those who think they want to apply or know someone who would benefit to get applying!

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