COWIN Claims To Be A Covid Coin — Here’s How It Works

The billionaire Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, 2nd ranked cryptocurrency, donated worth over $1 billion to India’s Covid-19 relief fund recently. This move has been lauded as one of the largest philanthropic commitment during the coronavirus pandemic, the act trigged wide discussions over the crypto regulations and banking process. 

The donated amount consists of a meme coin called Shiba Inu (SHIB)— nicknamed as DogeKiller, which was launched to rival Tesla founder Elon Musk-endorsed Dogecoin. 

In between, there is a new cryptocurrency, COWIN is being launched which aims to build a platform and promises to help coronavirus patients and survivors. The platform is being built on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and has since been determined to wield the power and internet culture to change the face of charitable giving.

Its unique selling point is the crowdfunding platform — COWIN is currently led by its principal developer Xavier who is building the team, constantly expanding and is committed to further develop its operations. 

COWIN (Ticker: $COWIN) is a digital currency that distributes it to community-chosen causes and in rewards to its users. By collecting transaction fee from all token transactions, rewards are distributed evenly between the community investors. Instead of collecting a transaction fee, COWIN collects a total 6% fee and burns 1% of every transaction and distributes 5% back to the COWIN token holders.

According to the founder, Xavier, the community will decide the direction of the support considering the need of covid patients and survivors. The community can vote on the charity campaigns that will receive the donated payments. This process of voting allows every owner of COWIN tokens to have a say in the charitable causes they support and the future direction of COWIN. 

Like other cryptocurrencies, COWIN is gaining a lot of attention solely because of its charitable features and dedication towards coronavirus survivors, and it would be interesting to see how the crypto community welcomes it. At this time of writing the project COWIN about to start the SEED round of token sale campaign. 

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