Mouna Youssef: Criminal law to our advantage

Mouna Youssef: Criminal law to our advantageq

Mouna Youssef. A lawyer has to deal everyday with injustices and make the best to defend the right one and punish the improper one in the name of law. 

But there might be an aspect you may not know (and if you do, excellent!). It is related to the fact that law is divided by different focuses to make sure that the labor is having the impact it should, corresponding to the case and its needs.

One of those focuses is the criminal law, the same one that Mouna Yousef performs in a knowed firm, and which has become on one of the centers of the last decades. The reason of this fact roots out from the worldwide number of victims who suffer from abusive and offensive attacks. 

What is criminal law?

Even though we gave you a small preview, it is necessary that we take a deeper revision on what’s criminal law, so you can have the complete knowledge and the power to use it after, in case you r anyone you know needs it. 

When we take a look on what’s criminal law, we find that it’s one of the different law focuses which labor is related to crime. Like so, when we use the word “crime” we’re meaning to say the conducts perceived by the victim as:

  • Threatening.
  • Harmful.
  • Endangering.

All of the above can be related to the vulnerability of someone’s property, safety, health and/or moral welfare, they can be perceived on oneself or on someone else. This way we can proceed as it is legally prescribed and do justice.

So for example, if there’s a woman sitting by a bench breastfeeding her baby and someone goes at her screaming, threatening her for her actions, and even pushing her, that could be considered as a case of criminal law because of the criminal conduct the other person has executed on the woman and the child.

What does criminal law do on people who infringe it?

When cases like the one explained before happen (and even graver than these), the criminal law’s job is to continue with punishment to the aggressor. It even includes the rehabilitation of people who violates this law.

This way we could affirm that, depending on the gravity of the criminal act, the punishment and the rehabilitation would be adjusted to the case. This goes inside the case’ study, which is a work Mouna Yousef knows pretty well because it has to be fairly exhaustive so justice can be made. 

What are criminal law’s principles?

  • The usual approach over criminal law it’s that any crime is an act considered morally wrong.
  • The only purpose of criminal sanctions is to make that the aggressor reattributes his criminal acts for the harm done.
  • It has to expiate the offender’s moral guilt.  
  • The punishment is meted in proportion to the guilt of the person accused as a criminal.

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